Releasing the Hurt That Hides Your Perfection

A shift towards greater physical ease creates noticeable changes in your thoughts, emotions and social interactions.


Sigh... there is nothing like a deep bodywork session - or a juicy yoga class - to reveal how much “stuff” you’ve been carting around with you in your body. Two days ago I received that kind of deep bodywork, the kind I give to others as a Rolfer, the kind I didn’t even know I needed. And since then I’ve felt so much different, that I had to explore this and share it with you.

My shoulders and neck and hands felt like new body parts. My posture and walk was easy, light, aligned. Free, mobile, yet strong, a perfect balance. 

Would it be any surprise to you that I also felt kinder and calmer and clearer the next day? I mean, it was the behavioral equivalent of going from typical NYC hustlin’ and schleppin', to warm southern hospitality. 

I liked myself better. I liked other people better. These are good things. :)

The fascinating part of it is... you ARE already perfect. Yes, right now, as you are. What yoga can reveal to us is that at our core, we are limitless. Harmonious. And if you will, divine. Then, in the same flash of insight we also discover that we’ve let go of the physical, psychic, energetic "gunk" that had been layered over our perfection. 

You know what I’m talking about? That on again off again tension in your shoulders, that holding in your belly. The hurt you experienced years ago that still overshadows your relationships. Seemingly it’s always there, like a friend who has become toxic. Like rust on a once-smooth and perfectly reflective surface, that gunk gradually takes over until it becomes your identity. You've become your hurt.

You don't need to psychoanalyze yourself to death to get rid of this hurt. You just need to find out how you can feel safe enough to let it go.  Mindful movement, a great yoga class, and skillful bodywork can help. I think that 95% off the time, you no longer need that layer of “protection” - the stuff you are carting around. You may think we need it, or more commonly, you might not even know it’s there!


This week, how can you take the best care of body? I encourage you to choose activities that support you as you need to be supported. Take a walk in the park, practice yoga, dance, rest, run - Whatever it is, if it makes your heart sing, go for it! Notice how the joy of movement colors your perception and affects your interactions with others. Mind-body-spirit are only different sides of the same dice. 

I am here to support you if you need me. Wishing you and yours only the best.

With Love,


Balanced Body, Balanced Being

We all have our unique definitions of what it means to feel "balanced."

How do YOU experience balance in your body? For me it's wearing comfortable clothes that allow me to breathe and move. It's a consistent awareness of my breath and how my emotions light up different areas of my body: fear, for example, is a tightening around my heart's pericardium; joy is a feeling of cool air embracing my eyes and the skin on my forehead. I feel balanced when my spine is able to easily stack its vertebrae while I sit and walk; balance feels like the support from my legs and feet as I stand upright in gravity. I feel equanimous after a 75-minute yoga practice, when I stand up from savasana and feel that all is well with the world, if only for a moment. I feel balanced half-way through an acupuncture session when my body surrenders to the stillness that the needles demand and my nervous system finally relaxes. I feel like I can do anything after a great Rolfing session: whether its a handstand or a business interview.

Balance is movement, it is not a static state. The body, the emotions, and our perceptions are constantly in flux though constantly working to return to homeostasis.

"Rolfing does not 'cure' symptoms. The goal of Rolfing is a more resilient, higher-energy system. The organism then is itself better able to defend against illness and overcome stress, and the greater energy does its own beneficial work in healing and relaxing. Rolfing does not achieve perfection; it begins a process. 

Its goal is to establish balance in gravity. The ten-hour cycle is a first step in that direction. Rolfing is an ongoing process that continues long after the work has been completed. Bodies have a natural liking for uprightness, comfort, and ease. Insofar as they can experience it, they try to live in a place of balance.

In this place, the energy of gravity can flow with (not counter to) the energy of the individual." -Dr. Ida Rolf

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