Wisdom Arrives

A state of open, relaxed receptivity may bring about novel insights.


"The information you need is not that which you can obtain." - O.L Bear

I think a lot.
And sometimes as I think, I think about how everyone else is thinking, too.

All. The. Time.

I think my way out of problems. I think my way into them. I think about what happened, what will happen, what could I have done better, what would happen if, and what should others do. I think about what was said, and what was not. 

I was sitting on a mountaintop in Colombia, after paragliding for my first time. The experience was strangely relaxing, but after landing my stomach was doing flips nonetheless. So I sat along the vista in view of the city below, sun pouring its love onto my hungry skin, the sound of voices and excited tourists on the hillside, and for just a moment, I was one with my senses. Not thinking. Just taking it all in.

And then I had an intuitive download which could be summed up as this:

Wisdom arrives not through thinking, and not through linear processes, but through being present with experience. Wisdom transmits into you as aphorisms scrawled into your very Nature, embedding itself in your very being, or perhaps uncovering what was already known. Wisdom arrives, and it changes you forever. When the time is right, when the information that is being transmitted can be safely absorbed, wisdom arrives.

This is probably what people mean by a “religious experience.” It certainly feels divine.

Somewhere in the world,
In time’s winding labyrinth,
In a view from high above
In a tranquil afternoon
In a splash of color
In a look shared between you and another soul
In the sun’s rays on your soft eyelids and shoulders

There are answers waiting to be uncovered. They have been ripening slowly. 

Put the pause on thinking. Find your joy. Allow life to flow and the endless conundrums to dissolve in its bounty.