How Do You Ahimsa?

Ahimsa = Non-harming in Thought, Word and Action.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “organic?”If you're like me, you might think about food. The farmstand blueberries you pay $2 more for. The restaurants you go out of your way to frequent cause they actually give a damn. We health-conscious nuts – cough, I mean, individuals! - do our best to reduce the harm we put in AND put out – cough, cough, that came out weird. But you know what I mean.

Maybe you're also like me in that you've extended this organic awareness to your health and beauty products. Mmm, that organic cocoa butter smells ALMOST yummy enough to eat. Take it from me and don't do that. Instead, I'd like you to consider the materials that are touching your skin right now. Were they drenched in harmful chemicals? Or, were they made with respect for both people and the planet, by paying fair wages and using low-impact dyes and no pesticides?


Ahimsa means non-harming and it is the first and most important of the Yamas, or the ethical principles of yoga. Without ahimsa, there is no yoga. Pesticides used in the production of non-organic cotton are harmful to ALL life, from the microorganisms in the soil to the birds and bees (ugh this cough!) and humans who consume them as ground-water run-off. Practice ahimsa by choosing clothes that care for people and the environment.

PrAna is an ethical, eco-conscious lifestyle brand that makes beautiful yoga clothes using the highest standards of sustainability. As a teacher who pretty much lives in yoga clothes, I've worn many different brands over the years. I've consistently repurchased from PrAna for their commitment to sustainable values, from fair trade wages for their employees to their choice of organic cotton for their newest fall line. Plus, the exceptional quality is tangible from the “hell yes!” moment when you first try on the clothes. You know what I mean!

Organic cotton just feels better!

Organic cotton just feels better!

Check out PrAna's organic yoga gear for yourself and as an experiment, tell me if you have a subtly different experience practicing in clothes that align with your values! PrAna has organic denim and casual wear available, too! Enjoy 15% off your online purchase with the code WCCKF18.

Releasing the Hurt That Hides Your Perfection

A shift towards greater physical ease creates noticeable changes in your thoughts, emotions and social interactions.


Sigh... there is nothing like a deep bodywork session - or a juicy yoga class - to reveal how much “stuff” you’ve been carting around with you in your body. Two days ago I received that kind of deep bodywork, the kind I give to others as a Rolfer, the kind I didn’t even know I needed. And since then I’ve felt so much different, that I had to explore this and share it with you.

My shoulders and neck and hands felt like new body parts. My posture and walk was easy, light, aligned. Free, mobile, yet strong, a perfect balance. 

Would it be any surprise to you that I also felt kinder and calmer and clearer the next day? I mean, it was the behavioral equivalent of going from typical NYC hustlin’ and schleppin', to warm southern hospitality. 

I liked myself better. I liked other people better. These are good things. :)

The fascinating part of it is... you ARE already perfect. Yes, right now, as you are. What yoga can reveal to us is that at our core, we are limitless. Harmonious. And if you will, divine. Then, in the same flash of insight we also discover that we’ve let go of the physical, psychic, energetic "gunk" that had been layered over our perfection. 

You know what I’m talking about? That on again off again tension in your shoulders, that holding in your belly. The hurt you experienced years ago that still overshadows your relationships. Seemingly it’s always there, like a friend who has become toxic. Like rust on a once-smooth and perfectly reflective surface, that gunk gradually takes over until it becomes your identity. You've become your hurt.

You don't need to psychoanalyze yourself to death to get rid of this hurt. You just need to find out how you can feel safe enough to let it go.  Mindful movement, a great yoga class, and skillful bodywork can help. I think that 95% off the time, you no longer need that layer of “protection” - the stuff you are carting around. You may think we need it, or more commonly, you might not even know it’s there!


This week, how can you take the best care of body? I encourage you to choose activities that support you as you need to be supported. Take a walk in the park, practice yoga, dance, rest, run - Whatever it is, if it makes your heart sing, go for it! Notice how the joy of movement colors your perception and affects your interactions with others. Mind-body-spirit are only different sides of the same dice. 

I am here to support you if you need me. Wishing you and yours only the best.

With Love,


Breaking Our Bones to be "Fit & Slim"

The story of how I pushed myself to the brink, learned to truly connect with my body, and how I can help YOU do the same. 

rose vulva.JPG

Do you want to know the extent to which I had imbibed the cultural imperative that girls must be slim? Well, I had taken that message on so deeply to the point that I broke my femur 🙀 from... drum roll... running too much.

The hardest bone to break in your body, and I stress-fractured it from working out too hard.

My body was overly depleted but I thought it was OK because I was the thinnest I had been. So I kept on pushing...

I was 17 years old.

Devastated and near-depressed because I could no longer work out, I spent 3 months limping around, waiting for the injury to heal.

That was when things started to CHANGE. Enough was enough. I realized that what I actually missed most was the feeling of strength and health in my body that I gained through regular movement.

That was when I dove deeper into my yoga practice. Partly because it was the only thing that didn’t hurt to do! Boxing, running, HIIT, cardio, and weight training left my life in a flash. Now I only do those practices when my body craves them. 

The implied question "how hot do you want to be" becomes "how do you want to experience your body?"

Do you want to feel balanced, capable, trusting, strong yet light, functionally flexible, be able to move in a variety of ways, be free?  

The truth is, I hadn't been doing all those workouts for how they made me FEEL. I had been doing them for how they made me LOOK.

Can you relate?

This is affecting men AND women. I've hadso  many Rolfing® clients - male and female - come to me with chronic pain and diminished vitality because of the demands the culture has placed on their bodies to LOOK a certain way.

The dead lift gone wrong. The yoga pose that you pushed yourself into too fast. The runner's knee. The back spasm. The list goes on...

What if you were to shift your focus from how your body looks to how your body feels? What if you discovered and chose movement practices that support a deep, loving relationship to your body... rather than treating it as some thing to beat into shape like inanimate clay?

Now, I practice yoga everyday like I drink water everyday. It is a necessary part of my self-care and self-love. It enables me to feel good so that I can authentically connect to and serve others. The result? Not only is my self-IMAGE better... but I actually am at the perfect weight and have more tone than I did when I was TRYING so hard. So very, very hard. Like, harder than a femur hard. 😹

First up, if YOU have developed chronic pain and unbalanced movement patterns from pushing too hard, or from an injury, Rolfing bodywork can help. Check my testimonials to see how people have revolutionized their experience of their bodies, rose above the pain, and learned to feel free again.

Second, if you are a woman or know a woman who has experienced distorted self-image like I did (and sadly, unless you’re living in an ad-free cave on Mars, I’ll bet you have...) then I’d like to invite you to an online class series that could change your life.. BIG TIME.

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Til then... be well my friends!