Chelsey is a Certified Rolfer and Advanced Yoga Instructor with over 1,200 hours of interdisciplinary training. Her aim is to help people feel amazing and empowered in their bodies. She first discovered Rolfing in 2013 and was impressed by its ability to effectively heal a wide range of psychosomatic issues, from back pain to poor posture, by working with the connective tissues and movement repatterning.

Chelsey completed her training with renowned faculty at the original Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (June 2017) in Boulder. She has also completed an international Rolfing apprenticeship, Scoliosis Workshop, Meridian Yoga Therapy, and Thai Massage training. A life-long yoga student, she has been practicing yoga, breath-work and meditation daily since 2008.

Chelsey aims to recognize and treat the deep underlying roots of each client’s issues. Chelsey’s clients have seen profound and lasting improvements in their mobility, pain, posture, energy, and body awareness.

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