Yoga Class Schedule: Manhattan and Brooklyn

Fridays | 1:15-2:15pm | Vinyasa Full Spectrum  New York Health and Racquet, 23rd St & 6th Av. We flow through a full range of yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the whole body while calming and clearing the mind.

Saturdays | 10-11:15am | Sukha Flow Yoga  Narayana Integrative Center, 191 Nassau Av., Greenpoint. This unique class combines hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and Rolfing Structural Integration to help you find your most balanced and aligned self. It is designed to inspire self-inquiry, embodied awareness, and a feeling of physical lightness leading to a state of mental calm and clarity. These classes may also include meditation, self massage, and partner yoga. Suitable for all levels of practice. Sign up at

last updated 5/6/18