Build a Healthier, Happier Team

...and save money on healthcare and employee turnover

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Benefits of practicing yoga in the workplace:

- less back pain, improved flexibility and physical strength

- reduced muscle tension and pain associated with sedentary working positions

- lower stress

- improved breathing

- decreased headaches

- greater self-assurance

- increased concentration

- improved decision making

- improved immune system and overall health, resulting in decreased absenteeism and sickness levels

- increased productivity and motivation

- increased stamina, energy and mental alertness

- improved confidence

- positive impact on workplace relationships

Corporate yoga is a smart investment as it saves companies money in healthcare costs and sick days. For best results, choose consistency with weekly or bimonthly sessions.

Signature Services : Yoga for Spinal Health / Destress and Refocus - 60 min - $225  

 Tools for Success / Chair Yoga with Meditation for Business - 30 Min - $150  

  90 min Posture Workshop with Expert Alignment - $325 

"Chelsey is an excellent teacher. She has deep expertise in numerous disciplines across yoga and body work and combines them in a way that enables a wonderful experience for body and mind. Her energy is excellent and she is passionate about what she does and it shows. Strongly recommend her for those discerning yogis." -David G., Global Investment Entrepreneur

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