What does Rolfing feel like?

Rolfers use their hands, forearms and elbows during manipulation, and verbal cues to evoke awareness and/or movement where appropriate. The contact can be intense. It should never feel like "too much", where the client has to tense somewhere else, hold their breath, or disassociate in order to stand the work. 

How is it different than massage?

Rolfing is less about relaxation and more about permanently aligning the body. Rolfers are interested in establishing an integrated, balanced body. The work may have affect not only the physical structure, but also physiological functioning, emotions and thought patterns. 

How is it different from chiropractic? 

Chiropractic is a widely varied field. The high velocity spinal adjustments that many associate with chiropractic, are absent from Rolfing. Rolfing deals with the connective tissues surrounding bones, organizing them so that the bones can adjust into a new, more aligned placement. Rolfing also has an endpoint (Ten Series, with occasional tune ups afterward as desired) whereas many chiropractic patients keep returning for continuous care. 

Does it hurt? 

Nowadays Rolfers are trained to work with the client and his/her/their nervous system, not against it. The contact may be light, sometimes deep, sometimes intense, but never "too much." 

Is it really, really deep?

The perception of depth depends on the sensitivity of the client. As such, an elbow on an IT band of hamstring may or may not feel deep, and may or may not be productive. Gently holding the head or sacrum may be deeply felt with a resonating quality throughout the whole body, particularly when that body has begun to light up and link up new connections in the neural map, creating a global effect. 

I work to the layer of availability and opportunity - that is, the layer of the body which the nervous system deems safe and effective to contact. Sometimes the issue is only skin deep, where the network of nerves and mechanoreceptors abide!

Will Rolfing help me with my (back, neck, knees, running, yoga, etc.?)

Rolfing is a process-oriented therapy; as a result, effects are not guaranteed. That said, I work closely with my clients to monitor their goals and carefully craft sessions with those in mind.
A central Rolfing principle is that a balanced body is self-organizing, and that given the proper input (structural manipulation, nervous system down-regulation, and movement/postural education), imbalances, tension, and pain tend to change or even disappear.

Do the effects last?

The effects of the Ten Series and of Post-Ten work are cumulative and evolving. It is not uncommon for people to continue to integrate changes for months or even years after their series. In my perspective, lasting change, or the ability to bounce back when the body tips toward imbalance, requires a level of self-awareness of how one inhabits their own body. This priceless awareness is something that Rolfing helps to inspire.

How can I get started (I've never been Rolfed before)?

The Ten Series is recommended for one who has never been Rolfed. To get started you can try one session without obligation to continue. If you have questions before booking, please feel free to contact me. 

How can I get started (I've already been through the Ten Series)?

You have options! You might repeat the series, come in for occasional tune-ups, or a Post-Ten Series of 3-5 sessions. Come in and try one session, then we can determine the best course of action for future sessions.


Please practice good hygiene for your sessions. Shower before and wear clean clothing. Avoid wearing lotion as it is a detriment to accessing deeper myofascial layers. 

Intoxication & Medication

Please note that there is a strict no intoxication policy, including marijuana and alcohol. There may be an exception for medical prescriptions, but please inquire first. There are certain medications which are contraindicated for Rolfing, such as painkillers and muscle relaxants. If you are on a prescription for these, please inquire before booking as to whether it's safe to receive Rolfing. If you arrive at your session under the influence, or if your ability to receive Rolfing is impaired, I reserve the right to cancel/discontinue the session and you will be responsible for its full cost.