Let's Play Yoga! 

Success begins with a balanced mind-body! 

Why Yoga for Kids and Families?

One-on-one and small group sessions are available for kids at home or in school, as well as family yoga for caregivers who want to learn how they can incorporate yoga and mindfulness into everyday life. Yoga poses are a natural and fun way to build strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Mindfulness techniques such as breathing and meditation can help children with emotional balance, hyperactivity, and anxiety.

What is Yoga For Kids and Families?

Imagine your child increasing their strength and confidence through the practice of yoga! Picture doing a simple calming breath technique and yoga pose together when emotions flare. These are some of the benefits that await your child and your family.

Kids and Family Yoga is different from adult yoga. You can think of it – and verbalize it to your kids – as playing yoga, because that will keep them interested. Kids yoga lessons typically include poses named after things found in nature, both the types we're used to as adults in yoga classes (ex. downward dog, tree, etc.) and some more creative, child-specific varieties (“rock pose” = child's pose, “whale pose” = locust pose, etc.) In addition, kids practice partner poses and group poses, plus group yoga games which build confidence, concentration, creativity, awareness, and teamwork. Kids and Family lessons may include stories, music and props, depending on the exercises. Kids are also introduced to and regularly practice meditations and breathwork in a way that's made kid-friendly.

About Teacher Chelsey

Chelsey's experience working with children began as an adolescent, when babysitting her younger brother during the summers while her parents worked. While studying Anthropology and Foreign Languages at New York University she worked as a math and reading tutor with America Reads/Counts, a federally-funded program which places students in NYC public schools. After attaining fluency in Spanish, this led to a series of opportunities to tutor children and adolescents in the language, babysit in a bi-lingual setting, and teach Spanish to pre-schoolers. After graduating she became a certified kids yoga instructor through NYC's Karma Kids Yoga training. A major highlight of her career was organizing and teaching a summer-long Spanish camp for children ages 4-9, where kids did daily yoga and meditation classes in addition to their Spanish instruction. Working across a broad age range and in distinct learning environments has taught Chelsey the art of tailoring her classes to the kids' unique needs and abilities. Aside from her work with kids, Chelsey is a student at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, and is an avid traveler with a love of yoga and foreign languages. 

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