The Magic of a Rolfing Ten Series

Ten 75-minute sessions to align and balance the entire body

If you are new to Rolfing, this is the place to begin. 



Session 1: The breath is one of our most important physiological functions. By freeing restrictions around the shoulders, rib cage, pelvis and spine, Session 1 seeks to establish fuller, easier breathing. Perhaps most importantly, the client and practitioner establish mutual trust and communication.

Session 2: Modern living has stolen functionality of our feet. This session primarily works from the knees down to tune up the arches, restore function to the ankles and knees, and mobilize the bones of the feet. Tissue restrictions in the muscular compartments of the calves will also be addressed. Session 2 finishes with seated work on the back to connect the feet to the spine.

Session 3: This “lateral line” section looks at the client’s plumb-line - from ear to ankle bone - and sees where there are deviations from the vertical line. This session is excellent for addressing overhead mobility, tight hips and lower back pain. Expansion is a word to describe the effects of this session.


Session 4: The first of the Core Sessions begins building the midline from the ground up. Focus is around the relationships of bones, muscles and fascia of the inner legs. This also involves important work around the bony basin of the pelvis, which links the outer body to the inner body. The pelvic floor is indirectly accessed, and the back/spine is again addressed to integrate the work

Session 5: The Psoas Session! Work is on the deep front line and the front side of the lower spine. Much old patterning around poor posture and inefficient walking can be addressed and replaced with something new and uplifted. This session can contribute to better balance in a scoliosis. 

Session 6: The Deep Back Line. Here is where we address the fascial relationships of plantar fascia, calves, hamstrings, sacrum, and spine. Getting the back line long, free and awake may make this one a fan favorite.

Session 7: “Putting the head on top” We have worked up the midline from the ground, up the front and back of the spine, and now we need to balance that heavy noggin on top. This session is particularly excellent for jaw and neck issues or “head forward” posture. With client’s permission, this session may incorporate work inside the mouth and nose to create freedom through the upper cervicals and between the cranial bones. 


Sessions 8 & 9: These sessions focus on larger, more complex relationships across multiple joints. Highly individualized, these are the “jazz improv” of the Series which seek to establish integration of the new pattern as graceful movement that creates length throughout the entire body.

Session 10: Traditionally, this is a whole body, energetic session that looks to leave the client feeling light and balanced. At this point, the mind may be comfortable inhabiting those previously shadowed parts of our physical body. Ida Rolf used the term “Uniform Brilliance” to describe the energetic field that a body exudes after its Tenth session. This is also a time to decide if we’ll be wrapping up our work together or if more sessions are needed/desired. 

The Ten Series is like a recipe blueprint, each client’s Series is unique. I often assign simple homework to help with integrating the changes into your life- this is what makes the work “stick.”

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