Ten Series

Ten 75 minute sessions to align and balance the entire body

If you are new to Rolfing, this is the place to begin. 



Issues ranging from pain to posture are addressed holistically through the series, meaning they are likely to resolve long-term. You need not have a "problem" to benefit from Rolfing: the series acts like a guided tour through the body, which will help you to feel more embodied and aware for life. This is a powerful shift in the typical healing paradigm because Rolfing recognizes that the power to change is ultimately in your hands. Rolfers™ support this process in two ways: through deep hands-on manipulation of the skin, muscles, nerves and fascia; and through communication and education with each unique client based on their lifestyle and goals for the series. 

The Ten Series begins with affecting changes in the Sleeve (more superficial muscles and fascial layers, sessions 1-3), progresses to waking up and activating the Core (deeper structures, sessions 4-7), then finishes with Integration (sessions 8-10).  Each person's Ten Series is unique, as client goals are monitored and incorporated throughout the series. Learn more about each session by clicking here