Root Connection: Yoga & Rolfing for Self-Care

Sunday, July 9th @ Vessel Academy (Manhattan)



The asana portion of this class combines a faster-paced warm-up followed by deeper long holds. Release myofascial tension, decompress the joints and calm your nervous system. These classes seek to balance the energetic pathways called meridians, through which your emotions flow. You will learn about the meridians' physical pathways in the body plus their associated emotions.

Rolfing is a form of bodywork involving myofasical manipulation to align the body optimally in gravity. It makes an excellent complement to Yin Yoga. In this semi-private workshop you will have the opportunity to experience this work, along with some acupressure points, through short individualized treatments while you hold the poses. Think of it like a really effective adjustment from the teacher. The Rolfing work will aid you in the poses, remap “dark” areas of the body, and release unnecessary tension. 

Part 1- November 18th // The Deep Front Body
[backward bending, worry/confidence, psoas and stomach/spleen meridians]

Part 2- December 2nd // The Deep Back Body
[forward folding, central nervous system, back body fascia, and kidney/bladder meridians]

Exchange // $35 for one class or $60 for both

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Chelsey Kapuscinski is a Certified Rolfer™️ and Experienced Yoga Teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Her motto is: “If you are breathing, you are healing.” Chelsey lives and works by the principle that if the body can be balanced, trusted, strong and healthy, then the quality of life can dramatically improve. She is thrilled to share her message with anyone it can serve to benefit. In her private practice Chelsey abides by honest communication, deep listening and intelligent touch. Follow her in IG:


Based on the Science of Self method, which marries the systems of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

About: In this class you will be invited to explore and transcend your present limitations. We’ll flow through a challenging, invigorating asana class complete with pranayama and meditation. By incorporating the science of the meridians, which are the 12 major energy pathways in the body, we can experience deep psychosomatic healing and spiritual growth.

Stay after for Ecstatic Kirtan - we’ll chant to evoke the divine power within all beings!

When: Monday, October 22nd | 6:30-8:30pm : Master Class | 8:30-9pm: Ecstatic Kirtan (optional)

Where: Narayana Yoga Project

Exchange: $29 first 9 sign-ups, $35 after

Who is This Class For? Any student of yoga who feels committed to the practice and interested in exploring its deeper applications.

Would you like to host me in your city or collaborate with me at your next event? I offer workshops, retreats, trainings and Rolfing intensives worldwide! Write to me . I can’t wait to chat with you!