5 Reasons Why People Seek Rolfing

#1 - Pain : A major motivator to change! Many who seek Rolfing have "tried everything" and find the process of Rolfing very helpful in alleviating their pain. This is accomplished by gradually and progressively changing the body's fundamental pattern over the course of treatment.

#2 - Posture : For all its conveniences, modern living costs us our alignment and ease. This is due largely in part to limited movement pattens: most of us are no longer climbing trees, running/walking much, chopping wood, growing food etc. And we sit in chairs. Rolfing reestablishes the integrity of your structure, and you can maintain that through an intelligent movement practice.

#3 - Tension/Discomfort : This is both a physical and emotional issue. While not all Rolfers focus on emotional and mental patterns, in my work I treat you as a whole person with many dimensions of being.

#4 - Psychosomatic Issues : Not all who seek Rolfing do so for strictly physical reasons. Some of my clients report no chronic bodily discomfort, but they see good results such as boosted confidence, mental clarity, voice, and better management of anxiety/stress. When you bring the mind back into the body, answers may spontaneously arise.

#5 - Better Breathing and Meditation : Many meditators come to perceive the subtle energetic imbalances that have taken up refuge within them. Rolfing can be very helpful for improving the flow along energetic pathways. I use the metaphor of building a canal (i.e., the gross physical body) so that the water (i.e., emotions, prana/qi) can flow through easily. This begins with establishing proper breathing.

Rolfing is about establishing a body that moves with ease and efficiency. Over the course of ten sessions, the structure and function of entire body is addressed. Book your first session today!