Breaking Our Bones to be "Fit & Slim"

The story of how I pushed myself to the brink, learned to truly connect with my body, and how I can help YOU do the same. 

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Do you want to know the extent to which I had imbibed the cultural imperative that girls must be slim? Well, I had taken that message on so deeply to the point that I broke my femur 🙀 from... drum roll... running too much.

The hardest bone to break in your body, and I stress-fractured it from working out too hard.

My body was overly depleted but I thought it was OK because I was the thinnest I had been. So I kept on pushing...

I was 17 years old.

Devastated and near-depressed because I could no longer work out, I spent 3 months limping around, waiting for the injury to heal.

That was when things started to CHANGE. Enough was enough. I realized that what I actually missed most was the feeling of strength and health in my body that I gained through regular movement.

That was when I dove deeper into my yoga practice. Partly because it was the only thing that didn’t hurt to do! Boxing, running, HIIT, cardio, and weight training left my life in a flash. Now I only do those practices when my body craves them. 

The implied question "how hot do you want to be" becomes "how do you want to experience your body?"

Do you want to feel balanced, capable, trusting, strong yet light, functionally flexible, be able to move in a variety of ways, be free?  

The truth is, I hadn't been doing all those workouts for how they made me FEEL. I had been doing them for how they made me LOOK.

Can you relate?

This is affecting men AND women. I've hadso  many Rolfing® clients - male and female - come to me with chronic pain and diminished vitality because of the demands the culture has placed on their bodies to LOOK a certain way.

The dead lift gone wrong. The yoga pose that you pushed yourself into too fast. The runner's knee. The back spasm. The list goes on...

What if you were to shift your focus from how your body looks to how your body feels? What if you discovered and chose movement practices that support a deep, loving relationship to your body... rather than treating it as some thing to beat into shape like inanimate clay?

Now, I practice yoga everyday like I drink water everyday. It is a necessary part of my self-care and self-love. It enables me to feel good so that I can authentically connect to and serve others. The result? Not only is my self-IMAGE better... but I actually am at the perfect weight and have more tone than I did when I was TRYING so hard. So very, very hard. Like, harder than a femur hard. 😹

First up, if YOU have developed chronic pain and unbalanced movement patterns from pushing too hard, or from an injury, Rolfing bodywork can help. Check my testimonials to see how people have revolutionized their experience of their bodies, rose above the pain, and learned to feel free again.

Second, if you are a woman or know a woman who has experienced distorted self-image like I did (and sadly, unless you’re living in an ad-free cave on Mars, I’ll bet you have...) then I’d like to invite you to an online class series that could change your life.. BIG TIME.

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You are not alone. Your pain does NOT need to be permanent.

To recap:

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After you’ve signed up, stay tuned for my next newsletter where I’ll be detailing how Rolfing helped me to unravel the hidden patterns of tension and asymmetry in my body.

Til then... be well my friends!

5 Weeks in the Birthplace of Yoga

From the villages of India to the streets of NYC, some lessons don't need a passport.


Dear Readers,

It's been a while. I miss you! Some of you know that I spent the first 5 weeks of the New Year traveling with my boo through India and Nepal. “How was it?” is the invariable question. My response: “It was everything.” There was beauty and decay, confusion and delight, shivering and sweating, all the extremes that inhabit two sides of every coin. I had to keep reminding myself “This is India. This is not the United States.” And drop the judgement. 

There were awe-inspiring mountains and perfect beaches, street samosas and curries, plastic hills and poop. There were kind strangers and swindlers. The details don't really matter. I left India with an enduring sense of the new possibilities for living life (that, and a book I'm swearing by, Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver). A new perspective on letting myself go into the flow, trusting in divine timing and harmony, rather than the stereotypical New Yorker way of trying to manipulate every little detail of life. As if the switchboard to the Universe responded to my touch alone. It's a lot of deep work, but in going forward I am committed to surrendering into trust and dropping my ego's tyrannical to-do list. As a result, I like paying attention a lot more now. And breathing. 

My new urge in this direction was strongest during the first week of my return to New York City. EVERYONE noticed. The same New Yorkers I had interacted with daily on the streets, the subway, the cafes, the yoga studios - were kinder, more talkative, more open to me than their reputation would predict. Strangers smile at my all the time now (or do I smile at them first? Either way, everyone's smiling). I learned to be truly inspired by wide diversity of human experience – to be curious and ask questions. To share my experiences. This instantly shatters the illusion of separateness.

No, it isn't necessary to be open ALL the time. Actually, I don't believe that is healthy. There are times when we naturally want to introvert, to ground, to rest and digest, and that is also good and necessary. Even the moon needs a break from being adored by human eyes. It delighted me to learn that the leaves of plants actually serve dual functions: the top side of the leaf is for photosynthesizing, and the bottom side is for breathing. The top part takes in light and makes food, the other half just breathes, just IS.

With this new knowledge and perspective, I am pleased and honored to offer a range of healing services to you, my beloved New Yorkers: private yoga, corporate yoga, and Rolfing bodywork sessions. Book your sessions online. 

“It's all how you hold your vibration...and your mind.” -Tosha Silver

Wisdom Arrives

A state of open, relaxed receptivity may bring about novel insights.


"The information you need is not that which you can obtain." - O.L Bear

I think a lot.
And sometimes as I think, I think about how everyone else is thinking, too.

All. The. Time.

I think my way out of problems. I think my way into them. I think about what happened, what will happen, what could I have done better, what would happen if, and what should others do. I think about what was said, and what was not. 

I was sitting on a mountaintop in Colombia, after paragliding for my first time. The experience was strangely relaxing, but after landing my stomach was doing flips nonetheless. So I sat along the vista in view of the city below, sun pouring its love onto my hungry skin, the sound of voices and excited tourists on the hillside, and for just a moment, I was one with my senses. Not thinking. Just taking it all in.

And then I had an intuitive download which could be summed up as this:

Wisdom arrives not through thinking, and not through linear processes, but through being present with experience. Wisdom transmits into you as aphorisms scrawled into your very Nature, embedding itself in your very being, or perhaps uncovering what was already known. Wisdom arrives, and it changes you forever. When the time is right, when the information that is being transmitted can be safely absorbed, wisdom arrives.

This is probably what people mean by a “religious experience.” It certainly feels divine.

Somewhere in the world,
In time’s winding labyrinth,
In a view from high above
In a tranquil afternoon
In a splash of color
In a look shared between you and another soul
In the sun’s rays on your soft eyelids and shoulders

There are answers waiting to be uncovered. They have been ripening slowly. 

Put the pause on thinking. Find your joy. Allow life to flow and the endless conundrums to dissolve in its bounty.