Receive Personalized Guidance from An Alignment Expert

Chelsey's Unique Approach


Through 10 years of daily practice and 5 years of teaching to diverse populations, Chelsey has developed a keen eye for alignment to keep her private clients safe as they develop or enhance their practice. This is aided by her training in Rolfing Structural Integration, which trained her eye to see subtle movement patterns. With the client's permission, Chelsey provides skillful hands on assists to help clients refine their poses. 


"After spending only an hour with her one on one I already had discovered how to breath more fully and sink more deeply into the stretches in a comfortable and healthy way. No matter where you are in your practice, Chelsey's skills can help you find a more comfortable, accurate and juicy way to practice."

-Yelp Review

Signature Services:

Posture & Alignment  |  Balanced Strength & Flexibility |  Yoga for Your Period  | Breathwork/Meditation for Stress + Emotional Balance  

private yoga is for you if

You're a beginner and want to learn safely and effectively

You have specific goals and questions

You're busy and don't have the time or desire to take group classes

You are experiencing or recovering from an injury

You have a condition which calls for individualizing your practice

private yoga benefits include

Work with an expert to meet your unique needs

Relief from stress, pain, tension and restriction

Increased strength, flexibility and range of motion

Calm and Destress the Mind

Balance the Emotions

Reach or maintain a healthy weight

Optimize alignment with skillful hands-on assists (optional)

Develop a home practice of your own, if desired

Learn the "how", "what" and "why" of various poses & yogic practices

Incorporate other practices if they interest you, such as chanting, meditation and breathing techniques


One-on-one Private Instruction | Lessons for 2 People & Small Groups

In my Greenpoint studio or in your home/office. Choose between 60, 75 and 90 minute formats, with flexible scheduling to meet your needs. For rates please click here.