Client Testimonials

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I inquired about a Rolfing session with Chelsey for some deep pain in my shoulder that other bodywork methods couldn't address. So far my shoulder has been pain free after 1 session! Chelsey was very professional and answered all of my questions before, during and after the session since I had never tried Rolfing. Chelsey was very knowledgeable about the body and helped bring more awareness to mine. 100% recommend! - Candice H., Bodyworker and Healer
"First, after the Rolfing session when I got home I noticed right away that my jaw felt much, much looser and it wasn't clicking. That was an amazing feeling!
Second, the yoga class actually felt like it aided the Rolfing. It was a little difficult because my muscles felt really relaxed so I was having a hard time staying in long poses but I noticed that my hips seemed extra flexible especially in pigeon pose. I got my leg pretty much perpendicular to the top of the map and was able to lay down completely on the floor with the aid of the teacher. It was pretty difficult to stay in the pose for a long time (it was a slow yoga class so we stayed in the poses extra long) but I got way further into the pose. I also found that I could do bends easier. I don't have a super difficult time with them but I did notice that I was extra flexible!" - Christiane H., Fashion Designer
Chelsey changed my view of Rolfing with her treatment which was extremely sensitive, specific, and effective, her healing touch and extensive knowledge made me feel very relaxed and I saw a great shift in my neuromuscular holding patterns. My pelvis feels great as well as my hips.  - Annelise Hagen, Yoga Instructor and Author of The Yoga Face
Chelsey is great.  I have done bodywork for over 15 years and have had hundreds on therapists work on me over the years.  Chelsey's touch is profound, intelligent and effective - deep but nurturing. I have been having pain in the tailbone and hamstring and overall tension in my spine.  She released a great deal of this in only one session.  I felt like she heard every word that I said and she also heard my body and tissues. I highly recommend her work. I have also taken her amazing Yin Yoga class!! - Rose V., Acupuncturist and Advanced Yoga Instructor, MSAc, E-RYT
I came to Chelsey for a much needed treatment after a full week of figure modeling for a painter. They were 10 hour work days so my body and muscles were in need of some serious tender love and care. Chelsey took a whole afternoon pinpointing painful and problematic areas and then worked on those areas until they felt loosened and relaxed. My posture and hips improved and my energy was restored immediately. I felt like a completely new person thanks to Chelsey. - Jillian Solotes, Fine Art Painter


Chelsey is the best yoga teacher I've had the privilege of working with! She is a warm, open and kind instructor who pushes you to expand. Her adjustments alone are worth it all! I would leave class feeling zen, grounded and powerful. Highly, highly recommend and love Chelsey!" - Danielle M., Child Educator

Chelsey is an excellent teacher. She has deep expertise in numerous disciplines across yoga and body work and combines them in a way that enables a wonderful experience for body and mind. Her energy is excellent and she is passionate about what she does and it shows. Strongly recommend her for those discerning yogis." -David G., Global Investment Entrepreneur